Other Services

Our business has developed into helping clients with more than simply buying a painting.

  • We can provide low cost professional packing and shipping worldwide.
  • Fine art installation, within the U.K. including lighting, hanging systems etc.
  • Valuations for insurance, probate or sale.
  • Representing clients as agents for purchases and sale, to preserve their confidentiality and avoid the problem or price inflation when a vendor feels that a client can afford to pay a higher price.
  • A long and reliable history of working with Interior Designers to find the right piece for the right spot.
  • With a great many contacts in many different disciplines we can help with sourcing the right pieces and our wealth of experience, we also have a very good idea of who can be trusted.

We have helped clients with many different and unusual requests from finding and purchasing the conference table used for the first G8 Summit, to sourcing, purchasing and shipping a Rodin Bronze in 3 days as a present for a Head of State. If you have any particular requirements do please email or telephone us




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